The Spanish March or One Step. It makes an especially good exhibition routine when the man styles his body movements to look like a bullfighter's and leads his partner in and out of the patterns as if she were a cape. It is usually in 2/4 time.

Paso Doble is a dance that originates in Spain, and is done during competition and not much else. It's difficult to improvise and is carefully choreographed to show the intricacies of the movements.

It's usually the last Latin dance one will learn. The dance is inspired by the movements performed by the matadors during bullfights-- for this reason, the man is the focus of attention, as he is the matador and the woman personifies the cape.

In the Paso Doble more than others, the man must be extremely physically fit to give the proper impression of pride, dignity, and create the strong and sharp movements and sense of tension required.

It rose to popularity during the 20's, and after WWII was accepted as a competition dance.

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