Have you ever really been to the woods? Have you ever really heard the woods? Silently standing with open ears.

Have you ever taken of your shoes and so childishly just stomped around in the mud. While walking on the shallow end of a lake, letting the cool water lap at your feet.

Have you ever really seen nature in the morning? It's so relaxing, just to watch the sun rise while it casts liquid nets of light on the lake, while it wavers in the blue depths of the lake.

It's almost breath taking to smell the sharp smell of the grass and pine sap.

Nature is so endless, with a rare beauty of it's own. To come and see the beauty is amazing. I remember as a child, running aimlessly through the woods chasing the lit fire flies as they zig zag through the cat tails of the lake.

It's really easy to find peace there, and to find peace in your self. If the rest of the world could just take time out of their busy lives, maybe there would be a little peace in this world.