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good with computers, talented dancer, and good at not keeping a steady boyfriend..
(hicville high) Ramona High School
float in the boat, till it sets sail go with the wind in whatever direction it may blow, other wise jump out and swim to dissatifaction
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February 17, 2001
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Im a 17 year old female stuck in the middle of my senior year in some small little country hic town, which by the way smells of cow and chicken crap 24/7. Faced with moving in the middle of my senior year 45 min away. so basiclly i have no direction and i am scared shitless of entering the grown world (by myself) of collage and room mates. I have absolutely no Idea of what i want to do with my life but have this constant fear of bagging grocries or selling happy meals till im 30. My life has no direction and there for is full of stupidity and confusion i think that about sums it all up. I only hope I can keep my really cool friend Marc through it all because if I didn't I would really be lost,to bad that if my friend marc didnt have me he would be lost and might not be doing so well with his girlfriend without my expert advise.