"Don't play with your food."

From the Keystone Kooks Kookbook Songbook. A seasonal variation on the Leftover Omelet (see: Leftover Pasta Sauce).

3 eggs
some diced tomato
some diced turkey
a tablespoon mound of mashed potatoes
some stuffing

Beat the eggs and potatoes. Pour it into the frying pan or omelet pan. You did turn on the stove, right? Is the pan heated? Good. Pour it in, and sprinkle the other ingredients on top (no, not the cheese), and cook as if it were an omelet. No, my name is neither Crocker nor Stewart. It'll take a while, then you melt the cheese on top of it, if you haven't thrown the "omelet" away in disgust.

There's a reason why there's no such thing as a turkey-and-mashed-potato omelet. While you get a nice creamy (or creamy-looking) texture in the eggs, it doesn't hold together well - you may end up with little omelet islands in your pan. This, the three-toed gum wrapper of breakfast recipes, won't make the final cut, I'm afraid. At least not in this form.