A recurring dream: I'm back to work at my old college radio station, where I spent seven years of my life, on and off. Usually I'm just there (in the dreams) as a substitute jock, doing my good deed for the day by subbing.

This time, aside from it being a more vivid and a longer dream than usual, I had a permanent shift: Friday mornings from 11 AM to 1 PM. But I only had about ten minutes to prepare, so I ran to the record library (CD players weren't used much when I was last on the air, owing to the station's large amount of legacy vinyl), and tried to think of what to play. I was lost, though not as lost as in previous dreams; I wanted to play something by Graham Parker, but couldn't figure out where the beginning of the "P" section was.

I had a wide variety of items among the five or six LPs I grabbed; I planned to go back to the library to restock as the shift went on.

As I was putting the first record on the turntable, I noticed there was duct tape placed over the controls of the board, making things impossible. And some inspector person was leaving; apparently the station was being shut down for some reason. He and the station manager continued arguing about this, and the inspector was acting odd, like some released damn-the-medication mental patient.

The station manager decided to defy the shutdown; the duct tape was removed, and I was allowed to go on with my first shift. He took the microphone for a second to announce what was going on with the non-shutdown.

Another recurring motif in these dreams is my failure to queue up or even find the next song to play. This happened again (and again), but it was because I was being constantly distracted by well-wishers, welcoming me back. I asked somebody with a clue to grab the first Graham Parker record he could find in the library; might as well make use of all this help.

Things were still a little hectic, perhaps because of that weird inspector, or maybe just the normal busyness of daytime hours - my normal hours had been evenings and late nights, when often I had the place all to myself. So there were no PSAs to read, which annoyed me a bit, because I wanted to show off; I felt ready to read anything placed before me, and make it sound like I'd written it myself.

I noticed a noder's name on the schedule. Interesting.