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There's a downside, dear readers (can I call y'alls that?), to having written these 17,000 nodes as I have. Maintenance. I dumped eight nodes of text into John Coltrane and cleaned it up a little, but it needs work.

I created a Johnny Thunders node so I could get at Richard Hell and New York Dolls - they're now fleshed out, beyond their E1 sizes, but they, too, need work. Miles Davis, new and improved as it is, suffers from its author having given out around 1965 - there's 20 more years of the Dead Man to write about, and the node threatens to become text kudzu.

I've only scratched the surface; someday I'll set aside some time to just work on old nodes. Someday.

Perhaps the worst part of having written these 17,000 nodes is that I'm sitting here complaining about it, and I haven't made the coffee yet. This orange juice doesn't have sufficient caffeine.

You mean it's not 17,000? Never mind.