Woke this morning, realised the time, rushed to get my bags packed and to get dressed so that I could have some time with my baby before he went to work.

I think I only made him a little late, I forgot my mobile though so couldn't sms him during the day. I'm not going to see him much up until Christmas as he has accepted shifts for after uni during the week as well as working weekends.

Got the train into Glasgow, met Iain's Big Issue vendor Tony. Tony's broken a bone in his leg, it's a clean break so it should heal well. Iain hadn't seen him in a while and has been a bit worried so I was glad to see him, though I can't imagine that the injury will help him on the street, it's getting bloody cold too.
I had just bought a take away hot chocolate and a cake when I met Tony, wish I had had the thought to have given him them at the time.

After chatting with Tony I got the bus to my home town, bought some turkey to treat my cat when he gets home. I got a phone call yesterday from my mum saying that he was at the vet. Buddy has had to have a small portion of his tail removed after having received a wound to it whilst out playing. Noone knows exactly what happened but whatever caused the wound severed the muscle beyond repair.

We were supposed to be getting Buddy home today, he had surgery yesterday and today if he had eaten and kept it down we would have gotten him home. But he didn't eat so I don't get to see him till tomorrow.

And so I am at my mother's instead of at home studying because I'm soppy, sentimental and need to see my cat happy and settled before I can feel comfortable enough to go back and get to sleep warm in my bed with my baby again.