In 1980, a year after the original (and Star Wars), A Sequel to Asteroids, called Asteroids Deluxe was released. The game featured a newly designed ship, rotating asteroids, a new heat-seeking asteroid, and shields.

This heat-seeking asteroid was a new innovation to the game, and would only appear late in levels, like the flying saucers. The asteroid would hover about like a large slow asteroid from the first game, but once hit with your blaster (or a flying saucer blaster), it would break apart into three separate pieces, and home in on your ship. Shooting each of these would break them apart into two separate ships, which could then be destroyed completely after being shot.

Atari also introduced friction into space, which would gradually decrease your momentum, and increase the dangers of the new heat-seeking asteroids. Shields could be used to bounce your ship off of obstacles; however they were limited, and only replenished after death.