Another school shooting happened today in California.

I'm sure this is going to make things even worse than they are right now because of all of the huge media coverage and the fact that the shooter didn't kill himself.

I have a feeling this is all going to go the way of the OJ Simpson trial -- it'll be awful.

I'm kind of offended that adults simply think that it's 'the kids today' who are so crazy and out of control, and without respect to authority. As if all of the behavior being exhibited by kids today wasn't environmentally influenced in any way....

This is a sentiment that has been repeated over and over throughout history (I think there's even a Cicero quote about it), and I don't believe the fault has ever been more clearly on the shoulders of adults and parents everywhere for creating such an awful world to live in.

Adults are more afraid than ever of the horrible people that they are responsible for creating, and it looks like it's only going to be getting worse.