The title, commonly spelled 'orbis terrarum', is Latin for 'the Earth' or 'the World'. It is actually two words, 'orbis' meaning 'sphere', and terrarum being 'earth'. The artwork consists of ancient maps and drawings of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. Superimposed on these historical relics are impossible geometrical patterns, similar to Oscar Reutersvard's artwork.

The album seems almost to be a perspective of the history of civilization through sound. Another interesting thing about the CD is that it is 79 minutes and 58 seconds long, pretty much as long as a standard compact disc can get.

In the inside back cover:

"There may be a legal obligation to obey, but there will be no moral obligation to obey. When it comes to history, it will be the people who broke the law for freedom who will be remembered and honoured." -- Tony Benn, Labour MP

If you haven't heard this album, I'd very much recommend finding it and listening to it.


  1. Valley
  2. Plateav
  3. Oxbow Lakes
  4. Montagne D'or (Der Gvte Berg)
  5. White River Jvnction
  6. Occidental
  7. Slvg Dvb