It was cold, dark, and late. I was sitting on a bench waiting for a bus, and it was taking a very, very long time. Finally the bus could be seen a good distance away, and I had a gigantic urge to start cheering out of joy, and for all the others who were waiting to cheer with me. Of course, I didn't, because I knew no one would have cheered with me, and it wouldn't have been any fun. So I was thinking that all of us missed out on a chance to feel really cool and cheer for the bus (it would have been cool) because some people there were the type of people who didn't really want to cheer.

And I thought fuck that, if we were all clones of each other, we could cheer in public, and know everyone would cheer with us. We would all play the same games, like the same books, do the same things. That may sound depressing, but sitting on the bench and not doing what I felt like doing at the time because I knew others were different to me was depressing, and if we were all the same, we'd all get along and feel comfortable with everyone and wars wouldn't be around anymore because we'd all be cheering for the same goddamn buses at the same goddamn time and we'd all have a really, really good life.

Of course, I know there's a large error in that line of thinking, because we would still develop in different ways mentally, and we would rarely be in the same moods anyway due to other factors like weather and being fired and whatnot. But in the heat of the moment I started to support the whole cloning shebam, and the other day I thought of yet another good reason for cloning.

If we all had the same physical structure, we could standardize medication and foods. We could find the perfect diet for everyone, because we would all have the same body. Results wouldn't vary, we wouldn't have adds with miracle-dieters and the small print saying "results not typical". You could find the perfect diet to choose your prefered weight, to the ounce.
Alcohol would no longer be dangerous. We would be able to know exactly how much it would be safe to drink in respect to your build and how your body could handle it. Ditto for surgery, and medication. There wouldn't be any unexpected results in the procedures because our bodies wouldn't vary, we would know what to expect and when. Doctors wouldn't study human bodies in general, they'd study the human body. All because we had the same one.

Again, this thinking is wrong because it would depend what kinds of things we do with our body, such as what we eat, the amount of exercise we do and what kind. But this is just an attempt at making the cloning debate a more balanced one.