The idea or concept of bundling multiple campaign contributions together in one large "care-package" of sorts. In America, a single person or corporate entity can contribute a maximum of $10,000US to a politician for purpose of campaign contributions.

Here's a little scenario: A company wants to make a major contribution to a certain congressman who has to run for office, as his term is about to end. Since a single person can only contribute $10K US, why not have the entire 20 member board of directors and 20 deep executive wing each make individual contributions? Wow, instant $400,000. Each person in question receives $10K in their bank account, then they each write a check for $10K to the congressman in question. A corporate lobbyist acting for the company gets all the checks, "bundles" them together (hence the name), and delivers the "bundle" of checks to the person in question. It is legally sound, since each check comes from a seperate person, and a corporate entity is never attached to the "bundle" in the first place. Very sneaky, hmmm?