This is a term applied to individuals who act as the political arm of major corporations in America. Namely, these brave souls are charged with the task of hassling members of the legislature into paying back various favors, the most notable of which is campaign contributions. They are the voice of concern for major companies, and are responsible for initiating much of the recent pro big-business bills that have been quietly sweeping through congress. Remember reaganomics? Deregulation? All the result of corporate lobbying. Ironically, I've never heard of a corporate lobbyist lobbying grassroots concerns, but then of course, they wouldn't be getting payed for that. Recently (2000AD), much corporate lobbyist's concern has been in the realm of Intellectual Property, Copyright Law, and the perrenial favorite, Online Pirating of Copyrighted Material.

Ever heard of bundling? Time to pay up, sucker.

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