Atari 2600 Game
Produced by: Hozer Video Games
Model Number: None
Rarity: M (Modern Era)
Year of Release: 2001
Programmer: Tim Snider

Perhaps you didn't get enough of the original Venture. Maybe you are just wanting to play "the latest" in Atari 2600 Games. Well this is it. Venture II was released at the 2001 classic gaming expo. This is an update and an expansion to the original Venture. Gameplay is relatively unchanged, but new maps and challenges await!

Tim Snider (the programmer of this title), has legally released the ROM image of this cartridge. So you can go download it yourself and try it out (without breaking any pesky laws). Try

Collectors Information

There were 24 copies of this game made for its original release (4 reside with the programmer and friends). The other 20 came in a fancy treasure chest shaped box. They sold at prices of up to $200 at the 2001 Classic Gaming Expo (these were all numbered copies). Hozer Video Games now distributes this game at a price of $16 (without the fancy box). The original boxed version is going to skyrocket in value. But the second release is going to continue to be worth $16 as long as Hozer Video Games stays in business.