With the insanely low amount of classic VW Beetles on the road today it is time to abandon the original game of Slug Bug for one that can see a little more action. (Using the New Beetle doesn't help either because they seem just as rare as the original).

New Slug Bug Variants
  • Rice Boy
    In the game of Rice Boy you get a single hit on your opponent every time you see one of those japanese cars with oversized tailpipes and stickers all over it (Neuspeed, Honda, and VTEC etc stickers). Those stickers somehow make the car go faster apparently.
    If the the car has stock wheels or a dent of any kind then you get a double biffer, (2 hits instead of one).
    You must announce loudly "Rice Boy" and the make of car before dealing out any hits. Otherwise your opponent gets a free double biffer.
  • Retard
    This game is quite simple. Everytime you see someone, (anybody at all) walking down the street you loudly announce "Retard ooort oort", and then hit your opponent with a single biffer.
    Children are immune to this game. Your opponent gets a free double biffer if you call retard on what turns out to be a little kid.
  • Volkswagen
    This game is identical to Slug Bug except that all VWs are open game not just Beetles. You must announce the model, (Jetta, Passat, ETC) instead of the color. (With a triple biffer penalty for getting the model wrong).
  • Dodge
    (A warning Dodge is the most violent known variation of Slug Bug. Do not play this unless you are willing to have the crap beat out of you).
    Dodge is simple. Everytime you see a Dodge car you yell "DODGE" and attempt to hit your opponent. They are allowed to try and dodge your swing.

This list is far from exhaustive feel free to add any variants you have observed.