A running joke in Kevin Smith's Mallrats.

Shannon (Ben Affleck) - "You see, bruce, I like to pick up girls on the rebound from a
disappointing relationship. They're more vulnerable, in much more need of solace.
And they're fairly open to suggestion. And I use that to fuck them some place fairly uncomfortable".

Brodie (Jason Lee) - "What, like the back of a volkswagen?"

The back seat of a volkswagen is almost a synonym for uncomfortable. This is referring specifically to a VW beetle, and perhaps the jetta too. These are extremely small cars, without adequate room in the back for lovers.
Not all volkswagen's are that uncomfortable though.
My girlfriend owns a VW bus, which has a couch in the back, which flattens out into a good-sized bed.
Plus the VW bus also has shades for all the windows...

So, in conclusion, the back seat of some volkswagens are quite ideal.

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