Today I met Xamot for the first time.

Xamot had been interested in building himself a MAME cabinet, and I happened to have four empty cabinets just waiting for new owners (a MAME cabinet is an arcade game that has been retrofitted with a computer so it can play thousands of different games, they are quite nifty, and I recommend them to everyone). So I met him and his friend at my parents house today at 2 PM, they briefly looked at the Pac-Man cabinet that I was willing to gice away for free, and then we hopped in his buddies SUV and went off to my old place to look at my other cabinets.

I had three more cabinets there (2 Defenders and a Special Criminal Investigation).

Xamot selected a red Defender cabinet that I had spent a long time refinishing a while back, and his friend picked my other Defender cabinet (which was solid, but not as nice).

Xamot and I came to a trade agreement. He got the cabinet, and he was to purchase me 1 I-Pac and a set of sideart stickers for any game. The deal with his friend was for a JAMMA gameboard from a list of eBay auctions I would send him.

So we went to load up Xamot's new cabinet, and what do you know, we couldn't get it all the way in the vehicle. We ended up tying it in with an extension cord. I rode in the back stuffed between the cabinet and the door, it got cold, but we didn't have to far to ride.

Next weekend I should be meeting up with them again to get the other cabinet, we couldn't get it today because I still have to strip the monitor and power supply from it.