E2 is invading my dreams again.

It starts off in a Burger King, I have been waiting for my food for a long time. A guy sits down near me. But he isn't just a normal guy, he is a node. His forehead says, The BSD Metanode, and he is covered in glowing links to FreeBSD, Open BSD, Net BSD, and many others that I didn't read.

I then procede to the counter to argue with the manager about my food. I notice a wallet on the ground. I pick it up because it looks like mine. I realize that its not mine when it begins to grow larger and larger. I attempt to shove it down my pants to hide it. At this point I catch the managers attention and we begin to argue loudly about my change from my order. I realize that the wallet inside my pants is still growing. So I yell "Death to the Philistine" and run out to my car.

I have a feeling of being followed as I drive away. As I drive off I open the wallet, it is full of money, probably 2 or 3 thousand dollars. I look up just in time to see that I am now on a snowy mountain road in Colorado. Traffic is at a dead stop a few hundred feet in front of me. I manage to do a maneuver straight out of Crazy Taxi to avoid death. But my car does hit another one. I take off down the mountain without using the road.

My car is quickly stopped by a bunch of trees. I get out and start to run. But I begin dropping the money everywhere in the snow.

Suddenly I can see the Chatterbox in front of me. This is where my death is played out. Here is what the messages looked like.

Billy Bobby..I think I see him up ahead
Chucky3.. Thats his car, were gonna get him
birdofflame.. He's picking up money
Chucky3 closes in on TheBooBooKitty
birdofflame heaves a large rock at TheBooBooKitty
Billy Bobby Say your prayers
TheBooBooKitty no it was an accident
birdofflame drops a large rock on TheBooBooKitty's head, crushing him

I woke up sweating and terrified.