This node concerns Hobart in the Australian island state of Tasmania and is a subjective account of my limited experiences and insight. Hobartians please feel free to correct me on any points.

As one can see from the only other two Hobart nodes, this city had not drawn a lot of attention on e2.

Fast forward to 2018. Man, Hobart can hardly stay out of the news.

Yachting aficionados will be aware of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. A millionaire's (no lets be more honest – billionaire's) event which draws the attendance of the worlds’ media and the rich if not famous. Over the years it has also cost the lives of several intrepid sailors. The Bass strait is not a place to hang around in bad weather.

A man called David Walsh, who seems to have made most of his money out of the gambling world, has with his own money established MONA. This Museum of Old and New Art sits proudly across the harbour from Central Hobart. It's weirdness has gained international notoriety and it extends several levels into the subterranean rock below.

The deep underground caverns of MONA house some of the most outlandish art installations you are ever likely to see. Suffice to say you can enter a chamber which is in fact a shit production factory called Cloaka. Here you can experience the vision and odour of poo being produced by a series of custom made artificial bowels. If you time it right, you can even be present at the actual and advertised crapping time.

Want to see a beautifully displayed and illuminated collection of plaster casts of the vaginas of about 70 different women? Step this way please. Amazing how many ladies were prepared to have their labia on display at MONA. Also amazed that ladies lurk around these plaster casts taking photos of their favorite ones. I am sure the men would too if they could find a way not to look creepy.

Still on art, an elderly artist has just spent 3 full days buried under one of the main streets in Hobart CBD. He was buried in a box and commissioned to make art while he was down there. Not too sure how he got along but this is all part of Dark Mofo which is a winter festival of music, dance and art in collaboration with MONA. Includes mass choirs, a pub choir and an almighty carnivore festival where enormous pieces of previously live stock are slow roasted on gigantic fires for all to enjoy, probably on payment of an entrance fee. Then there is art and entertainment on a pretty big scale.

Hobart also has a substantial amount of street art.

As a predecessor has remarked, Hobart has good food precincts. The Salamanca Market on a Saturday morning is a treat for all foodies and the adjacent restaurants and pubs heave with people. The Bathurst Street farmers market, also on the weekend, attracts a sizable crowd of coffee swigging, cheese buying, baguette bagging and chutney tasting Hobartians and their children.

Coffee: yes, in Hobart they know how to make good espresso coffee. Everywhere. Do not expect to survive in Hobart if you're Starbucks.

Of course, Hobart and Tasmania have for some time outlawed the use of free plastic bags. Shoppers do not venture out without their hemp, cotton or recycled shopping bags.

Hobart: a good city and hard not to like.