wake up, go to work at 7:30. take two new plants for the office -- more sempervivums, my office faces southeast and those guys love the sunlight. offsite lunch and meeting at 11:00, but it's an hour away so i leave at 10:00. leave the meeting at 2:00, back to the office at 3:00. my computer is broken. go home at 3:15.

on the way home i realize i didn't put the bong away this morning and i have a handy-man due to check my place out today. oops. when i got in the apartment i saw nothing which indicated whether the handy-man had been there or not. ten minutes later, a knock. it's the handy-man. just in time. it's a good thing the computer didn't work.

i have no idea what to do this weekend. i feel like crawling under my electric blanket and sleeping for 48 hours. no food. no water. no bathroom breaks. just uninterripted sleep. but the sleep fairy isn't good to me. when i am alone in my house at night i just can't find sleep. i'm so exhausted. my muscles are tired. when i walk, i feel hot pins and needles poking my thighs just above my knees and the back of my calves just below.

on a lighter note, my job has taken an interesting turn. i am exited about it. the lunch meeting was relaxing, lunch served at my boss's house out by the mountains. it was not chilly so we ate outside.

i pruned my miniature roses down quite severely, but am assured by my horitcultural encyclopedia that this is the correct thing to do for vigorous busy growth. i also learned that they will flourish under regular fluorescent lights -- since the light by the window is very direct, i am going to move the mini's to a new pot and place them under the cabinet so they can bask in the fluorescent glow. i had thought about buying a gro-lite to put into the fixture, but -- i want to grow more succulents and since the roses do well with what's there, i won't bother.