i have the answer. ha ha! yes, I HAVE THE ANSWER. i'll have to remain cryptic, apologies all around. it's a simple solution, really, and i'm not sure why i hadn't thought about it before. all the pieces are fitting together. i love it. i LOVE it.

love tra la la. all is well. i have been tasked with finding outdoor excitement for the weekend. if it looks nice, i'll suggest jeremy's run. i haven't been there in a while. it's lovely. the water is freezing and the rocks are all worn smooth and have what looks like bright red paint splashed all over them. there is a spot where you can dam the water with your bum, then slide down a natural water slide into a deep pool.

for those interested, jeremy's run is off mile 24 of skyline drive in virginia. it's about a four and a half hour fairly vigorous hike from the road.

i am in the zone. hapmudo practice was awesome. i am learning new combinations. i am better every day. i was fighting better than i ever had. unfortunately, though, during practice we briefly lost power, i took a side kick to the chin (now my neck is quite stiff). then i noticed the amazingly loud sound of rain outside. oops. it was so nice when i got there... of course i left the car open. it was easily one of the heaviest rainfalls i've ever seen.

as i headed home, i drove through the rain, and by the time i got back to germantown, the roads were dry and it appeared to have not rained at all. i could look southeast down 270 and see the storm over rockville. the clouds were huge, but completely invisible in the dark until lighting flashed. the lightning inside the clouds was like chest x-ray. the lightning was so frequent and in such a grand scale in the sky that i could just watch a general area and see an amazing lightshow. this was easily one of the coolest things i've ever seen.

i am relaxed. i have a strong sense of will. i have goals in mind and i am working towards them with a new fervor.

unsolicited advice of the day: begin healthy habits YOUNG and maintain them as you age.