monday morning


but i don't mind. i love rain, except on weekends and the weekend was beautiful.

i fell asleep early last night, around 7 or 8. on the couch with the tele on and the laptop in my (go figure) lap. hauled my bum to the bedroom around 9. no dreams that i recall. woke up at 7:45, hit the snooze for an hour, smoked a cigarette, took a shower, got dressed, walked the dog, and headed to work (by car, since it is raining). so here i am. my office window faces east, so in the mornings my office is nice and warm and i keep my door shut to keep out all the nasty cold air-conditioned air. without the sun this morning my office isn't much warmer than the hallway (though the number of computers in here does help to raise the temperature a bit).

i accomplished a great amount on friday (work which i am very proud of). i will have time this week to begin working on projects outside of my primary duties. so i should probably stop working on the daylog and get started on them.

more later...

monday afternoon

feeling good and flying high. i finally finished the 12 houses (the hardest part was the damned ascii). i think i'll work a bit more on some general astrology topics. i don't believe in the stuff but have a fairly in-depth knowledge of it after studying to see if there was anything to it (i decided there wasn't -- not for me, anyway).

tonight i should: do my laundry, go to practice, finish my painting, and go to bed early. and now, back to work.