Okay see... here's the thing.


You don't like it?! DON'T READ IT. Don't let your kids read it. Good for you, trying to raise a good, moral, christian child. But don't presume you're speaking for everyone.
School Board members decided Tuesday to pull the book from all schools until they can read it and decide whether it should remain available. They are scheduled to decide at a Feb. 6 meeting.
I am absolutely astonished that a school board has actually removed this book from the shelves. I can't believe that someone didn't say "Are you fucking kidding me?" Is this a joke? Why are the school boards even bothering to ponder issues such as this? The American educational system is already a great big giant ball of suck, why don't they focus on improving education rather than entertaining the ABSURD objections of an uptight soccer mom. Someone should spank her.

btw, this book rules. i must have read it a thousand times as a young kid.
later (9:00pm): the man called, i miss him. thank goodness he's coming home saturday. we will wine and dine and make sweet boom boom by the fire. have been painting and tossing the manimal around with cozmo.

became an editor today. if i can help anyone out with anything, feel free to /msg me.