Well, another layoff at work. Another one I survived (thankfully). Another 25% down. Despite the upper management saying that our product is great but the sales folks are unlucky in closing deals, half of the cuts came from the already-barebones development department. No severance for anyone.

Signs aren't good for this job, but it's still there and I'll stay there until it isn't.

Hey noder who applied for a job here, remember how I said I was sorry for only being able to offer that suckass of a job? I don't feel too bad about it anymore -- even if you had gotten it, you would have lost it today. Now, hopefully, you know why I was apologizing for the job offer. I was worried that if you got it, you'd only lose it in short order due to something exactly like today (then hate me).

The saddest part, for me, is the loss of P, who does the documentation. I will really miss working with her.

So now it's back to four days a week, with more duties (I get to start doing my old job again, in addition to my regular development stuff -- code management and performing builds). All in all, for the company, this is situation normal, all fucked up. I want to cry because it is so unstable, but I should be chill that I made it through.

On a less un-fun note, the man and I picked out a ring, a gorgeous vintage 1950s wedding set (the engagement ring and wedding band are currently soldered together). I picked out a more traditional ring than I had always thought I wanted -- but I wanted it to be a visibly recognizable symbol that I AM TAKEN. Thank you for all the congratulations and well-wishes on this matter, I appreciate it.