See February 23, 2001.

So my dog. We determined he's smart (well, at least not stupid anyway) because he's figured out how to let himself out of his crate. After worrying about how to keep him in, I came up with a solution. I took one of his old leashes, and slid the crate's rear corner post through the handle. This put the leash's thingy (you know, the part that attaches to a dog collar) right next to the lever you have to push to open the door. So I clipped the leash onto the lever, and it only left about a two inch opening. Thinking he couldn't get out, the man and I went out for dinner.

We were wrong.

I am getting embarassed at not being able to outsmart my dog. OF COURSE he was there gretting us at the door when we got home two hours later. I shouldn't have used a leash he could chew. I shouldn't have left two inches gap. He just chewed the leash apart and went on his merry way.

Ugh. So, I knew I should have used the metal chain leash. So what now? Hopefully now I've got it (though it wouldn't surprise me to be greeted at the door by cozmo yet again). I used the clip from the now chewed-and-useless leash and attached it to a keyring, which I attached to the crate. There should now not be enough room to slide the lever at all. I know he's going to somehow get out. I KNOW IT.