it was a fun weekend. got off work late on friday, head down to virginia to see the man. it's been a long week so we decide to have a quiet evening at home. we go to the grocery store and grab some veggies and meat to grill, get some wine, grab some movies and head back to the homefront. the man cooks for me. :) i love it. mostly it's because i am a desperately horrible cook, though.

saturday we slept until two, then headed out towards a local battlefield and wandered around for several hours. at the top of this hill there was the remnants of a stone foundation. a sign informed us that this was the home and land of a freed slave. when the confederate soldiers passed through his property on their way to fight the north, they left the home untouched. the home was ransacked and destroyed by the nothern soldiers when they came through after the battle. that must have been a big bummer. the land was gorgeous, great views of beautiful farmland on all sides. the house (well the foundation that was left of it anyway) was tucked in among a few trees. to have been freed from a life time of slavery and to have managed to own such property... it was his home, his hard earned home. earned in a way that no one today can possibly relate to. and to have it destroyed... by the side supposedly fighting FOR you. damn.

the battlefield kinda creeped me out. the cannons are there... several lines facing each other (interestingly, most of the cannons in the southern line were manufactured in boston in 1861). this is where the southern troops rallied behind Stonewall Jackson. the battle of first manassas.

warfare like that is dead, and it is unfortunate. when combat is man on man... your enemy less than a mile from you... you must truly believe in your cause in order to fight for it. today's warfare, accomplished from afar, takes all emotion away from the act of killing. you don't see the enemy when you fire a guided missile at him from many hundreds of miles away. there isn't any question as to "do i believe in this cause enough to kill the man standing over there?" there isn't such a sense of personal danger which would lead a man to question his feelings about the cause. today, we fight the wars we are told to fight and are absolved from personal guilt by never having to make eye contact with those we are trying to kill.

but anyway. enough of that. we wandered for quite a time. the day was absolutely gorgeous. that evening we (he) cooked up a huge pot of chili. yum.

sunday afternoon i headed back to my place and cleaned.

now it's monday morning and i'm back at work.

more later...

monday afternoon

long day at work. another round of the new developers playing the blame-peg-game. i don't know if it's because i am a girl or if they view me as a newcomer to the department (though i've been developing for almost two years and at the company for four). since i've taken over the process of compiling and building the software, anytime there is a problem with the final product their first instinct is to say i did the build wrong. they don't seem to understand that i can look at every piece of code they checked in. i can see when and what. but each time i do a build i brace myself for the inevitable. i am confident of my abilities, so it doesn't bother me too much. and i like the title my boss has given me. source code bitch. i like the fact that my boss is congratulating me for being assertive in showing the developers that the issue is within their code and not within my build process. i was initially worried i was going to get my ass chewed by the big-boss-man for talking back to his staff. things are cool, though.