Last night I saw a dream about my old mathematics teacher who died a few years ago. I'm taking my matriculation examination soon and he was in the dream to tell me and my friends that everything will be all right (he said it in his own ironic way...). It was funny, because no-one else seemed to mind that he was there - I was the only person who remembered that he should be dead! He had his brown leatherjacket on and he looked exactly the same as I had remembered him, with his dark beard and hair.
Soon others in the lunch room (where the scene took place) started asking questions about the matriculation examination - and then I woke up.

I don't know, maybe the dream had something to tell me - that I'm really more scared about the m.e. than I think. While he was still teaching me, he was the best! He made me love (ok, like) maths and made learning fun.
Well, I hope that the dream really was an omen and everything will be all right after all...