Yea, I'm going off on a little rant/prediction here that'll probably get me in a lotta trouble, but, tonight the Philadelphia 76ers play the Los Angeles Lakers in the 5th game of a best of 7 series, for the N.B.A. Championship, with the Lakers leading three games to one.

I was hoping the 76ers would have had a better chance than they seem to have, but basically what they have is Allen Iverson and it just isn't enough. The Lakers have a full boat, including the dominating Shaquille O'Neal and the Jordanesque like Kobe Bryant. And, if the Lakers win tonight they win the N.B.A. Championship, and they should win. They are the better team.

But they won't! And the reason is: they don't want to..they will not put forth their best effort and the 76ers will. The Lakers don't want to win in Philadelphia; they want to win before their fans in L.A., so unless the 76ers fail miserably tonight, the games will return to L.A. on Sunday, where both Los Angeles and NBC will be more than happy.

And don't get me wrong, I've really enjoyed watching Allen Iverson play; nobody has more heart or more talent..he just needs a little more help than he's got.

Now I could be wrong, I was once before..
well, it's prediction's in trouble and the west coast L.A. fans are on line 'cause I'm getting downvoted..woe is me..
Congratulations to the 2001 N.B.A. Champs, The Los Angeles Lakers