Not much of a daylogger, but I've been inspired by two events in the past day or so that I'd like to share...Last evening I was fortunate enough to view the newest film by Alejandro González Iñárritu, 21 Grams, reviewed here by dannye. A wonderfully powerful film of disaster, redemption, hope and a myriad of other emotions; a film very deserving of your time.

And then this morning, I happened to notice an article about a survivor of the devastating earthquake which occurred 10 days ago in and near the city of Bam, in southeastern Iran. This 6.6-magnitude earthquake killed approximately 35,000 people, while injuring another 17,000 and destroying 85 percent of Bam's houses and buildings. Since the quake, rescuers have continued to search among the rubble for survivors, all the time realizing that after a week, chances of surviving have greatly diminished if not become totally impossible.

And then yesterday, after nine days of being buried under crumbled masonry and furniture, rescue dogs located another survivor, who was reached after three hours of digging through rubble to reach her.

Her name is Sharbanou Mazandarani and she is 97 years old.

97 years old ...buried for 9 days...survived!

Ok, So i'm getting old myself, but both of these events; one a fictional retelling of horrors and their aftermaths which daily affect people just like us, and the other, well sorry, but simply put, a miracle.

Tell me there's not a reason that woman is alive


Tell me I don't get chill bumps