Personally, in New Hampshire in February I had the pleasure of hearing Jeb Bush stump for his bro. Socio-economic-political-familial legacy currently rules both parties, as both the Bore and Gush family trees can attest to, in their participation in the binary bit-flipping that runs this nation as if shifting from 1st gear to reverse at rates varying as a non fourier transformable time dependency plot of election dates. That level of granularity spreads thicker as one travels deeper into the state and local levels of government. And perhaps most unpredictably at the international levels, where the U.S. exerts aggressive, subversive, dismissive, and destructive power over non-independent nations. Independent nations instead receive monetary private compensation for maintaining standards of living below those of the united states and holding their revolutionary empoverished at bay with increased military spending directly sponsored by the U.S govt.

But back to Jeb, when I saw him in New Hampshire as part of a political gathering sponsored by some political consulting company for 'the youth', he spoke rather non-convincingly for his brother. Given that his state's weather and cheap real-estate when Walt Disney-World got built, probably contribute most to his current economic positions. Given that the man represents a population a few score older than me and living in retired wealth, I have no doubt that he and I differ greatly on the way we see this country going.