An arcade game, supposedly resembling Florida's Ol' Sparky. Similar to The New Addams Family Electric Shock Machine in operation, it has a wooden chair that the player sits in and holds onto a pair of metal handles on the armrests. Next to the chair is a large box with a two-line (IIRC) alphanumeric vacuum flourescent display, similar to the displays on older pinball machines. This displays, presumably, instructions, and the supposed voltage while the game is in progress (displayed in an arbitrary unit, Jolts). On top is a large meter, which has markings on its scale for 0, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, and SMOKE. The machine vibrates the handles, simulating the feeling of an electric shock, while checking the electrical continuity between them to see if the player is still holding on. During this time, the display counts up in "Jolts", with the multiplexing speed turned WAY down so it sort of flashes from left to right (a neat effect, though it would be annoying if you actually had to read this for some reason). When it hits 2,000, the game ends, the meter moves all the way over to SMOKE, and a crapload of tickets are dispensed for the acquisition of spiffy little trinkets.

When I first saw this game, I burst out laughing at the sheer wrongness of it. It had been installed in the arcade about a week after the infamous event with the flames shooting out of the dead man's head had occured, due to an electrode sponge going dry. (This of course caused lots of outcry over the execution method having become exceptionally cruel, but I doubt the guy minded being on fire while taking 2,000 volts to the brainpan.)

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