Commonly, the people in Finland uninterested in politics and generally those ones who've grown cynical and tired to the empty promises of the candidates have this tradition of giving their vote to Donald Duck (Aku Ankka in finnish) as a sort of an anonymous protest. Other common favorites include Mickey Mouse and other popular Disney characters, but we finns are especially fond of this loud mouthed and foul-tempered duck.

The statistics have shown that this group consists mostly of young(ish) people who've moved from country to the larger cities, capital Helsinki in particular, from country and in general those in strong support of finnish traditions such as beer, hockey, sausage and some more beer.

In another words, yokels and morons.

The Finnish elections 2003 was different for them. These people had received a real-life substitute to express their self-justified frustration against system. These peoples gave their vote to Tony "the Viking" Halme.

The guy is a serious populist, a member of a populist party and was picked on as kid.

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