L'amourder was a side project of Ismo Alanko, an acclaimed finnish musician. The lineup was the same as in his main band project, Sielun Veljet, at the moment:

Ismo Alanko, the lead singer
Jukka Orma, the guitarist
Alf Forsman. the drummer
Jouko Hohko, the bassist

The main idea behind L'Amourder was to test how the band would do outside Finland, and by performing few times around Central Europe and in Russia they managed to achieve cult-status of some level. They made 2 albums as L'Amourder, Ritual ('86) and Shit-Hot ('87). The songs are more or less directly translated from finnish, which Ismo Alanko later on has expressed a word of regret, a complete rewrite would've been better he says.