I was on my way to English class, following close at the heels of one of my classmates. Together, we zig'd and zag'd through the hall, and at one point I noticed the teacher of said class walking in the opposite direction. Also, just before entering the room which was our destination, we encountered a friend of mine, who said something--I don't remember what--to me, provoking the following response from my classmate:

"Jew!" she said, or perhaps, "Jew off!" It was, in any event, meant in the spirit of, "Shoo!" or, "Bug off!" This wasn't, in retrospect, clear at the time, but I understood. Anyhow, my friend responded by smiling, I by saying something like, "Hey! He is a Jew!" It was true--this particular friend was (is) Jewish.

She said, in an amused manner, "Yeah, well, go away, you fanatical Jew!"

My response was cartoonishly horrified and, in all, not very well thought-out. After this exchange, we both entered the classroom, leaving my poor Jewish friend behind; the inhabitants thereof (the classroom that is), having overheard the exchange, were extremely amused.

Miscellaneous notes:

  • Throughout the course of the dream I was carrying a rather thick black book with white type on the cover that said, "MAGENTA."
  • As we walked through the hall I was mulling over in my mind a (not as profound as I at the time thought) notion that I'd concocted regarding the representation of people's personalities by brands, logos, etc. with which they allied themselves, which I saw, it seemed, everywhere as we walked (as was not unusual, this being after all a public high school). At one point I brandished my fists in a most dramatic fashion at a possessor of particularly flamboyant brand-name dress, though I don't recall what brands, specifically, were represented (however the word "four" stands out) and I don't think I ever saw his face (though it was, I'm quite sure, a "he").