Without realising it, today has been a very important day in my life. After today, things are different.

When I graduated from university last year, I already had a job lined up, and a small group of friends to move to Southampton with. We rented our house from a landlord who could be more helpful, but then landlords are supposed to be like that. We started at the company, and I soon made a new set of friends. Some of whom introduced me to everything.

Since I joined, 8 months ago, I have regularly read the nodes as they appeared, flicked through the daylogs, yet I never noded anything myself. Why? Sorry to launch into cliche, but I wanted my first post to be good. I was searching for the correct style to write. I didn't want to look back in a couple years time to think: "Did I write that?!!!". So why have I chosen to start in the daylog? Well, as I said, events happened today that change my life for good.

The past year I have lived in Southampton. For the three years before that, I lived at University, in Coventry. For the 18 years before that, I lived in Cornwall. More specifically I lived in the town us locals liked to call Liskeard.

Since going to University, I have felt that I live in Liskeard and that I'm just visiting where ever I happen to be; that my home is still back in Cornwall, living with my parents.

My parents move out today. I no longer live in Liskeard.

All our belongings are boxed up. All the furniture is headed for some warehouse to be stored. The cat is in the cattery.

I find it hard to believe. I have been at work all day, dealing with awkward developers who are unable to understand the test tools I spend hours working on.

The last time I was at home was just over a month ago. I had to go through my bedroom, and clear out all that junk that you collect over time. The drawer full of old marbles, bits of string and wire, packs of cards given to you at christmas. Even then, it just felt like I was giving my room a good tidy.

My parents told me I would have my own room in the new house. But I've got to ask: is it really my room? It'll be where I sleep when I visit my parents. But I'll only be visiting.

I'm about to leave work and go home. Back to my rented house, with my friends from University.

I have to accept that I'll be receiving this year's pack of cards from the same stocking, hung in a different house.