A personal account of the Korean massage parlour experience... 

Yesterday was my first sexual experience with a prostitute. I am a 26 year old expat working temporarily in Seoul, Korea. I have a girlfriend and consider myself to be a good looking guy, so I don't think I would fall under the traditional category of men who need to pay to have sex. However, partly due to the fact that me and my girlfriend are on a long-distance relationship, my growing frustration of not being able to satisfy my libido and due to plain curiosity, I decided to join my Korean co-workers in a night out in a massage parlor in Seoul. Here is what happened after we drank two bottles of Moet at JJ's (a fancy club in Seoul, near the Hyatt hotel)

We were welcomed by a group of middle aged ladies. They made us take off our shoes and we were escorted in on slippers into another floor of the building. There we got a seperate room for the three of us to hang out. It was a simple but large and nice hotel room, ideal for three close friends to just chill for the evening. The room had all facilities of a luxury hotel suite. A bed, a washbasin, cabinets, lots of towels and free toothbrushes, a large massage bathtub, toilet, coffee table, many free packs of cigarettes and a fridge with drinks. Two guys and another (unattractive) girl came in the room, told us to undress and wear out bathrobes and started to massage the three of us in the room. The massages were good and non-sexual in nature. After the massage, me and my colleagues all dozed off into deep coma.

About an hour later, the hostess of the massage parlor went into our room after knocking on our door. It appeared she had her first "girl" ready and was looking for the first person to wake up to make use of her services. That person turned out to be me. A bit nervous, I followed the hostess, who was very polite and tried her best to speak english and make me feel comfortable. As I got nearer to my "special room", another worry came to my mind. What if I wasn't attracted to this girl? Not only would that make this experience much less enjoyable, combined with the pressure of dealing with your first prostitute, it could lead to me simply not being able to perform at all! Luckily this wasn't the case. When we arrived at our room, the door opened up and I saw this striking beautiful sweet looking girl. She was a bit skinny (but I am actually attracted to that), had a very youthful slim body with perky breasts, perfectly shaped face with big eyes and an angelina jolie mouth. I would have definitely hit on this girl if I met her in a bar. Our eyes met and she gave me this welcome and friendly smile. As I entered the room, the door behind me closed and the hostess left us to our fate.

The girl's name was Linda, and although she didn't speak much English, she seemed to understand it much better than most Korean people I have met so far. I didn't speak much Korean so we entered in this humorous conversation in trying to figure out our names, age, birthyear and horoscope by using our limited knowledge of each other's language, hand gestures and even making animal sounds (to communicate our zodiacs). I think the girl noticed I had never done this before and it looked like she was trying to break the ice, which clearly worked for me because I was developing an immediate crush for this upbeat and extrovert girl, something I find quite rare in Korean women.

While having our conversation, Linda opened a pack of Marlboro, lit a cigarette and put it in my mouth. She lit up another one and smoked it herself. Then she undressed me and herself, and I got to see her very attractive body that could have easily been one that belonged to someone who was nineteen (although she really was twenty four). I noticed her Sakura flower tattoo on her back and complimented her for it. She was noticebly pleased by it and told me it really hurt when she had it done. She then signalled me to brush my teeth, which I did. Afterwards, she gestured me to join her in the bathroom, where she thoroughly soaked my complete body with soap and showered me. For me, seeing this hot lady taking uttermost care in washing me like that was a major turn on. After being washed, she made me go into the bathtub, which was filled by now with hot water and blowing massage bubbles and joined me in the bathtub afterwards. 15 minutes later we got out, she took a large towel and started drying me up. When she dried me between my legs, she didn't shy away from giving my manhood a few strokes while giving me a smile. Under normal circumstances, my johnson would have been hard and at full alert by now, but because I drank a half a bottle of champagne not much earlier that day, I noticed that I had more control now over my own body as I was more in a relaxed state.

Then the show really started. Naked, she told me to lie flat on my belly on the bed. She then climbed on top of me and started licking me all over my body. And licking she did. The feeling of her warm lips and tongue slowly working her way all over my body, including all my intimate areas, gave me thrilling sensation I had never experienced before. It was absolutely amazing, and it felt like I was having a one night stand with a hot attractive lady rather than being with a prostitute. As my shoulders were being kissed and licked, my hand travelled over her soft ass. She moaned, and although I knew at the time it was an obligatory moan, it did help in getting me even more excited than I already was.

She then told me to turn around and lie flat on my back, and did the whole licking thing again for that side of my body. I was wriggling of joy. Afterwards, she revealed a condom and like a true professional, applied it orally over my johnson. A very pleasing oral job followed. My manhood was now at its strongest and it was time for the real work. She climbed on top of me and started riding me skillfully. It felt unreal, like watching myself in a soft-erotic late night show on TV. When I asked her whether I could kiss her, she french kissed me deeply and passionately. Then she made me situp, climbed herself on top of my lap, wrapped her legs around me back and started riding me again. I now had full view of what we were doing. Position number three was the missionary one, and I noticed myself breathing faster and pushing my pelvis more fast and rigorous against hers. She was now moaning loadly and I felt like I wouldn't be able to last much longer. I wanted to end it with her on top of me again, so we got back to our first position and she started thrusting herself against my body until I could not hold it back anymore.

I was in seventh heaven. She lit up another cigarette and handed it over to me, and I smoked it while staring at the ceiling of our room. Afterwards, we did the whole shower thing and cleaning up thing again. It was almost time for me to leave and we got dressed. She told me she had a good time and I noticed myself feeling flattered, even though I should have known better. I wanted to express my gratitude for the wonderful night but felt handicapped by our langauge skills, so I took her right hand and kissed it on the back of it, old fashioned style. She seemed very surprised and her eyes lit up, then she gave me a warm hug before we parted. 

What a way to spend a friday evening.