I recently wrote an article about NatchLucid, and about how much I love her. I feel that this is mildly unfair, because equally important to me is Wuukiee. I am not exactly sure when I first met Wuukiee, but I do know that I have known her for a while (probably within the first weeks of being on E2). Honestly, we probably met in the catbox… where I have met many of my friends. =)

This weekend (Oct. 12) was especially exciting for me, not only did I get to go to a gathering; but, I got to meet my Wuukiee (finally).

I want to start out by saying that Wuukiee is one of the nicest people ever. And, believe it or not, we have stuff in common. We both like E2….we both like mcc =). Also, we both detest country music; I mean, what more to build a relationship off of? So, with this all in common, we embarked on our road trip to the Apple Orchard to pick apples…(of course). Jmc (our official DJ) was messing with music, and I warned him "Please, no country," my trust companion piped in "Yeah, we might have to hurt someone." Talk of ripping peoples arms off, and beating them with their own arms ensued, and soon we had bonded; we also had mcc threatening to curl up in fetal position until we were done. It seems as though Wuukiee and I are violent enough for the three of us.

Not only is MY Wuukiee a nice lady, she is also pretty too. No, I am not just saying this to butter her up; Wuukiee has a genuine beauty to her that few can master. Beautiful, nice, kind, sharing, funny… what else is there to say really? I mean besides the fact that she kicks butt?

Next time you see Wuukiee, if it is before I see her again; give her a hug for me, because I am sure that I am missing her, and thinking about her.