The sun is setting,
But what is this feeling?
This itch I feel is so hard to explain.
Am I happy that night is coming?
Or scared that day is no more,
	That it may never come back?
It's so much like you, and
I am confused.  Do I want you to stay
Or do I wish you would never come back?
I am not sure…
Or maybe what confuses me the most,
	is your inability to choose.
Is that why I hate sunset so much?
Or do I love it for its moment of indecision?
The death of day, 
       the birth of night

Good-bye light
       hello darkness.

Maybe this isn't goodbye dear….
	Maybe it is simply hello mistermed. 

Shall I be the man and walk away?
E'en when my being is screaming?
Shall I wait for you, to find me…
	When eventually you realize
		Realize everything you've missed.
Maybe we were wrong - maybe.  

Is it worth it?
Shunning me that is…
Maybe if you were the man you think you are,
You would walk away and 
	Quit Stringing Me On.

I wrote this about a year ago. It is about me and my boy friend at the times break up. Enjoy.