Once upon a time, in Nashville, a city far far away lived a prince and his fiancée. They were going to have a wedding/ball in their hometown, and they invited many people to the ball. That weekend they were also celebrating the freedom of their fair kingdom with fireworks. What proceeds is the story, and the pictures of this remarkable event.

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The attendance list included:

The ceremony started around 11:30am, and the thing that sticks out most in my mind the their VERY AWESOME wedding cake, but if you looked at the pictures you would know that. They also had wonderful food, music, dancing, atmosphere (because it was in the most beautiful train station in all of Nashville), and people. Radlab0 was stunning in her dress, and Scott didn’t look half-bad either; everything was as if it came from a fairy tale. Dann officiated the wedding, and opened it up with the "Mawwage" speech from The Princess Bride; the noder half of the crowd broke into laughter and since he didn’t use the slurred speech from the movie but did it as if it was totally normal, we received dirty looks from the family that was there.

Gwenllian's daughter caught the bouquet, well more aptly fished it out of the fountain that was in the lobby since Julia tossed it into the water… it was going straight for me too. Later, I regretted not pushing the little girl out of the way and stealing it for myself, but instead I stood there dumbly analyzing the situation while Rowan picked it up and proceeded to taunt me. Cletus the Foetus caught the garter, but it was a similar situation in that Scott threw it poorly, and CtF was simply there to pick it up off the ground.

The reception lasted until around 5:00pm, with much laughter, dancing, eating, drinking, etc etc etc. until radlab0 and WonkoDSane rode away in their very awesome carriage, and lived happily ever after. The End.

If I forgot you at all I am sorry!!!!, please let me know and I will add you to the attendance list, as I did it from memory.