Tonight, as I traveled to meet fellow noders for a nice dinner and bar-hop, I sat peacefully on the G train, lost in my thoughts. At the first stop following my own, a large but young hispanic kid (20ish?) got on. He was wearing a green coat, and carried a light blue backpack. I noticed him carefully look around the car, after which he sat down.

He then proceeded to take off his coat and turn it inside out. The inside was blue. He put it back on. Ah, I thought to myself, a reversable coat. How clever. Next, he opened up his backpack, and removed the sole item held within- a ski cap. He put it on and pulled it down far, so that it almost hid his eyes. Ah, I thought to myself, that's not a bad hat. Finally, he turned the backpack inside out, and zipped it back up. Now it was a red backpack. Having changed his appearance totally, he proceeded to get off at the next stop, and get right back on, only this time into the next car up. Ah, I thought to myself, someone's running from the law.

I love New York.