You too can make good money as a black hole retailer.

Just order my easy to use kit and you will get all the materials needed to start your very own black hole retailer. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to make loads of cash retailing black holes to third world countries and alien species. This is a high demand market and you can get in on the ground floor if you order my kit now.

The kit includes:
  • One 20oz bottle of black hole
  • One realitivistic scale for measuring black hole
  • A spiffy briefcase lined with a magnetic field to contain the black hole
  • 100 Black hole containers for you customers
  • My book "How to Sell BLACK HOLES retail"
If you order within the next twenty minutes you will get a a second 20oz bottle of black hole absolutley free. Thats right FREE.

/msg me for details
DISCLAIMER: Not responsible if you sell black hole to a rengade army and they destroy a planet or part of a galaxy. Not responsible if space-time disturbances are caused by the black hole. If you are not satisfied within thirty days turn off the containment field and the kit will implode on itself.