This is something I have noticed in my years at University. No matter how old the student, what subject or from what background (unless they didn't have a TV) they will eventually come around to the subject of childhood cartoons. The environment they're in is also irrelevant. I have observed this phenomena in bars, in shops, queues for toilets!
The way the subject comes about can be one of several ways:
  • Someone just says" do you remember...."
  • Discussing TV and moving back through the years
  • Seeing an old favourite on TV or just mentioned somewhere
  • Rude words which will eventually lead to Captain Pugwash and on from there.

This conversation gives all participants a little happiness that they had in their youth. They get to reminice about a time when they were more innocent and the adventure they watched were just as real as real life. I think it must be more to do with letting them feel more childish. Always fun if you ask me.

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