The lesser (but more numerous) cousin of the retail black hole, this is a place where there's always a restaurant of some sort, but a given one never lasts more than a couple of months. Unlike a retail black hole, which by its nature is so large that a given town can only sustain one (unless the town itself is devolving toward a ghost town), there can be more than one restaurant black hole in an area.

Seinfeld Episode 24 focused on the restaurant black hole across from Jerry's apartment.

As with retail black holes, a restaurant black hole is in an otherwise desirable location. Some other sinister force must be at work to prevent anything from thriving there. A noted example in my town is in the strip mall across from the hospital. No less than three Chinese restaurants have inhabited the spot next to the liquor store in the past year. Normally, Chinese take-out and hospital workers are an unbeatable combination, much like catnip and cats, and the booze is a bonus. Of course, in this case, I don't think it helps that there's a veterinarian next door to the Chinese place...

Okay, I take it back. Nothing particularly sinister at this location. But the phenomenon is well known. Bonus black hole strength points are awarded when one of the victims is a popular chain restaurant, like the now-defunct Chi-Chi's in the Safeway parking lot near my home.

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