Let me tell you a story about something just like this that happened in my english class:

My english teacher asked my class to break into groups before he assigned the next project. I did this and ended upwith the two other Anti-Christian atheists in the room. All of the other people including the teacher were Catholics. The assignment was to make a skit on something that morally bothered us. Well we decided the Pope denouncing gays would be a great topic. We Made a skit about two gays that wanted ot be married in Rome. The Pope (played by me) denonced the gays from his balcony at the vatican. It was something that we all thought the Pope was very capable of doing. (Which proved to be true from the above write up) After the presentation we were not greeted with applause but maybe three minutes of complete silence, and then a slew of people saying that the pope was not anti-gay and would never say anyhting like that. How wrong they were.