Earth: Final Conflict
Episode: 420
Season: 4
Airdate: 2001-04-30


The Taelons’ impending death stasis sparks a battle of wills between Da’an and Zo’or.


Zo’or tells Da'an, Liam, Renee, Hubble Urick and Tina De May, a new protector, that the Taelons are about to enter death stasis because they do not have enough energy to survive. It will now be up to the human race to uncover the secret of Taelon core energy and save them. Liam starts having hallucinations of his father Ha'gel, and Dr. Curzon informs him that his immune system is failing.

Da'an has previously obtained enough core energy to last a millennium during his attempted joining with a Jaridian, but he decides to enter stasis with the others. As the Taelons prepare to enter the stasis chamber, Zo'or announces that Da'an has been keeping his excess energy a secret, and orders his storm troopers to take him into custody. Liam portals Da'an away to the Embassy to keep him safe.

Meanwhile, Renee finds that Tina has filed a report suggesting that Liam be relieved of duty because of his illness. Liam faints again, and Dr. Curzon discovers that a Kimera strand of his DNA became toxic when Liam became fully human. The only way for him to survive would be to use the Taelon stasis technology he had stolen without Da'an's knowledge. The conversation between Liam and Dr. Curzon is being secretly monitored by Tina.

Da'an reveals to Liam that Zo'or is his son, and that Zo'or is so afraid of stasis that he would die before entering it. Tina interrupts, telilng Da'an that Sandoval was leading an assault against the Embassy and that Liam has stolen Taelon technology. Da'an is furious, relieves Liam of his duties, traps him in an energy field and flees with Tina. Of course, Tina leads Da'an straight to Sandoval and his men, and vanishes into thin air.

Renee frees Liam, but Sandoval and Da'an get away. Back on the Mothership, Zo'or drains Da'an's energy and puts him in stasis. Liam refuses to use Taelon technology to heal himself, and dies. Renee is about to portal him away to the stars, obeying his final request, when he suddenly revives. He had seen his father Ha'gel, who explained that Tina had been chosen to push him to the point of ultimate despair, and to teach him that he was the agent of his own salvation.

Liam boards the Mothership to share this lesson with the Taelons. He ends the death stasis, and Da'an reclaims his energy from Zo'or and distributes it to all of the Taelons. They will live, but without enough core energy to re-enter stasis. They now have only months to find a way to save themselves.

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