Two different stories alternate: in one I am having a great deal of difficulty getting my driver's license; in the other a lottery scam is being uncovered. With the drivers license, there is always something wrong so it has to be redone: my name is wrong, the license number is wrong, the license is too big. By the time I was ready to wake up, the license content was okay, but it had the form of a linoleum block about an inch thick. I looked at it and sighed.

The lottery scam was on a huge scale. It was the work of a mastermind in some California prison. Most of the people doing the legwork were convicts. Most of the victims were also convicts. The scam had generated millions of dollars, and the mastermind bought a beautiful, ornate theatre something like la Scala. I was there, but of course at some point I had to leave to do something about my license.