A brilliant debut novel by Andrew Pyper. It's about a criminal defence lawyer's amazing adventures. Bartholomew Christian Crane is a snob lawyer -he reminds me Patrick Bateman sort of kind of- he is despatched to a small lakeside town in Northern Ontario with a brief to defend a school teacher accused of murdering two teenaged girls. He assumes it'll be an open-and-shut case but things go worse. He starts suffering from peculiar dreams and hallucinogenic visions, ringing phones without any reasons and all those clich├ęs which put him in stress and make tension. Lost Girls was considered to be a compelling and remarkable start for a young writer. A guy from New York Times complained he didn't understand what kind of a tale it was and added but no doubt, it's fine. Some others said it's The Shining mixed with The Sixth Sense and a truly scary ghost story that makes you turn the pages late into the night. It was shortlisted for the John Creasy Memorial Dagger for best first novel last year, don't know what the judges happened to decide finally. In my opinion, it's not that gorgeous. Just a lame book deserves to be read on bus or somewhere else.