A budget 16-bit drum machine manufactured by Alesis in 1988.

For its MSRP of US$170 (it can likely be found at a price one sixth that, if you were to buy one second hand), it actually has quite a diverse array of reasonable quality drum samples. Its 49 sounds may be sequenced conveniently in either real-time or step, or you may choose from any of the preloaded 100 patterns or 100 songs. The only real negative points are the buttons, which tend to come off after enduring too much use, and the fact that the samples it comes loaded with are meant to mimic real acoustic drum sounds. This makes it unsuitable for making traditional electronic "dance music." However, an updated model (the Alesis HR-16B) offering a variety of more techno oriented sounds is also available.

Default sample bank:

  • 10 bass drums
  • 7 snares
  • 5 toms
  • 2 open hi-hats
  • 1 closed hat
  • 3 cymbals
  • 1 hi conga
  • 1 lo conga
  • 2 woodblocks
  • 2 cowbells
  • claves, cabasa, shaker, agogo, triangle, tambourine, handclaps, finger snap, side stick
One well known electronica act known to use this drum machine in their studio is Orbital.