I met my wife at college and we dated, 'fell in love', got married and had a baby. I was terribly unhappy. I was raised in an abusive distorted family where I did not learn how to handle relationships and had gotten married because that was expected.

About one year after my daughter was born my wife moved out.

Our marriage was a sham. We never truly learned what each of us was looking for and were too afraid share our true feelings.

The marriage was a prison for both of us the thing that finally made me see this was that I had fallen for a girl online. We had never talked on the phone only chatted and email and never more than simple things that friends would talk about. When I first called her something changed and I realized that I had made a mistake in marrying my first wife.

This may sound like a horror story for my ex but she and I are still friends and we have moved on with our lives and are happier now. We function as adults and are able to be the parents our daughter needs.

Yes people need to make the connection. Yes they do need a spark. Some people can do that through the Internet and other cannot. With every relationship there are challenges and it takes a lot whether or not the relationship is online or off. The real magic of the Internet and computers is that you can create a relationship faster. Whether or not it’s a good one is up to the parties involved.