I have a problem.

It occurs randomly and many times at an inconvenient time. I simply shut down. I don't fall over like a marionette with its strings cut off; I just freeze a bit like a flaky Playstation FMV. I will be doing some daily activity, talking or driving and then about 30 seconds later realize that I had just shut off. Personally its not too bad but then it begins to affect others around me. The worst is when it happens when I drive. I’ve never been in an accident but it’s been close. (6 way intersections against the light are NOT good places to black out).

My wife simply takes it in stride and tries to get me to remember where I left off but many times my thoughts have derailed to the point of no return. It frustrates her that I will get her attention and halfway through a sentence just trail off and then ask her what does she want.

I’ve talked with shrinks and they say it’s related to stress and I tended to agree until recently when my 5 year old daughter started to do the same things. Granted a 5 year olds attention span is much less than mine but the blank stares are quite disturbing. For me the blackouts just are a way that my mind does a soft reset because of stress but what of a child? Is this day and age simply too much for children that they have mental troubles before they can even multiply? Or is it somehow tied to genetics and I have passed my troubles onto her?